You’re outta your Element.

In case you hadn’t noticed, Element Skateboards screwed Jeremy Wray. I read this article on Jenkem’s website and it turns out Element has been using Jeremy’s name for a while, without actually sending him a check for doing so. This sounds oddly familiar, and I am glad these pro’s are speaking out on the sketchy, crooked business going down in skateboarding. Finally, Jeremy said “enough with the bullshit” and decided to start his own company, along with his brother Jonas, aptly named Wraybro Skateboards.


Because skateboarding is so addicting

Another reason Wray started a company was his family was starting, and he did not want to have to rely on sponsorship money in order to support them. Wray has stated that he does intend to bring back some of his old graphics from the Color, Blockhead and Plan B era. He even has an email address,, where you can give him some input on which graphics you would like to see reissued. When asked about doing spoof graphics of Element, Wray was quoted as saying:

Most of the Element graphics in my humble opinion are often uninspired. Cut and dry names, colors with the tree logo being the largest and most noticeable thing about the board. It would actually be a difficult thing to do a spoof on because what could you really do besides run something that looks graphically similar. I certainly won’t be biting Don Pendleton’s art or any of the other heavy hitters they’ve enlisted to do graphics over the years. I have too much respect for the art and the individual artists. So for now, we’ll just be sticking to what we know and what we like. Pulling influences from everything else around us without stepping on too many toes or ruffling anyone’s featherlights.

What Jeremy said was right. Element’s graphics are so simple and boring that is too difficult to try and do some parody graphics. The graphics for sale on Element’s website would appear to be the same Tree logo cut and pasted over and over.  Element’s graphics went down the tubes the moment Don Pendleton left for Alien Workshop and Habitat. I get that Element is sort of hippy-ish with it’s use of recycled boards that you can buy for $115.00. Element is a shadow of what it once was, boasting a team that consisted of Mike Vallely, Colt Cannon, Vanessa Torres, Tosh Townend, Jake Rupp, Brent Atchley and Chris Senn. All those listed have cut ties with Element and gone on to other companies. This is the team I grew up with and the ones that inspired me to go out and buy an Element deck. Elementality was the first video I remember purchasing and watching endlessly. However, they have changed a lot in those eight years since. I still have no idea why Muska rides for them, even though there appears to be no Muska graphics available on Element’s Website. I really hope that (no pun intended) Element isn’t a sinking ship. Because it isn’t really “cool” to say that you are one of Zumiez most popular brands.

For updates on Wraybro, follow Jeremy on Twitter @wraybro


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