Oh hey, it still exists

First post in, what, four months? I am sort of the middle of an existential crisis and going through some turmoil. Unfortunately, getting my life in order has lead me to neglecting the Ship. I was checking one of the several blogs I follow today and the latest post from the homies at RippedLaces inspired me to write this. Consider this a Welcome Back, kind of post.

Skate companies making runner inspired Chillers is nothing new. Etnies does it, Osiris does it and DC is notorious for it. I never quite understood why a company that supposedly has their roots so deep in the history of skateboarding would market shoes to “outsiders”. Skateboarding used to be all-inclusive. Now, brands are trying to appeal to all genre’s of people. I see more people wearing skate shoes without scuffed toes or ripped laces (bad pun). It does not even stop at running shoes, brands like Vans, DC and DVS manufacture snowboarding boots and shoes specifically for winter.

But I am not here to talk about snowboarding, I am here for this:

What is Originality?

Nike recently put two and two together and realized that they could make double profit by creating the bastard child of both skateboarding and the jocksport world and marketing them to both markets. Why do skateboarders need special shoes to chill in? Skate shoes are designed with space-age technology and “Higher Quality” materials, yet they seemingly do not possess the ability to keep your feet comfortable. What Nike has essentially done is taken the most popular skateboarding shoes it has (Koston, Janoski, and Project BA) and created a hybrid that’s part Air Max and Nike Free but retains the overall look of a skate shoe. Skate shoes have had airbags in the heel. Hell, the K1 from invented the trend.


We now come full circle. Don’t chase the dollar, chase the passion.


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