And so it Begins..

Poler Stuff said it best, “Skate shoes are a privilege, not a right”. Nowadays, the words “skate shoes” get tossed around more than a football on Sunday. Are “skate shoes” footwear specifically designed for the abuse of skateboarding? Or are “skate shoes” footwear inspired by skateboarding? The term “skate shoes” is so vaguely used. It appears that if a company such as Vans or Emerica or Fallen releases a shoe, it is automatically deemed a skate shoe. Shoes that a decade plus long skater such as myself would not wear. Non-skateboarding companies are the worst. How can a brand such as Nike justify making a “Skate Shoe”, such as the Janoski, out of canvas and expecting people to pay upwards of $80 for a shoe that will rip to shreds in less than a session? It’s extortion at it’s finest. Maybe fraudulent advertising. Nike isn’t even the only brand doing it. Vans sells it’s popular Chukka Low shoe in several canvas colorways, as well as it’s Chukka Mid. On a side note, how dumb does Vans think we are? I can understand taking the original Chukka boot and making it a more functional low-top, but to create yet ANOTHER shoe and call it a Chukka Mid is redundant. Why not just update the original Chukka boot? Why take something from a different generation and market it to a younger generation? Brands are just chasing the dollar and making a product detrimental to it’s consumer instead of making a product that is going to last for more than a month at best. Or at least market them differently than your actual shoes for skateboarding.

What set off this lunchtime rant was what I referred to in my previous post on the Nike SB x Air Max shoes. Welp, the Nike P-Rod 7 Hyperfuse Max (lost the SB name a while back) dropped the other day for a cool $125.00. I really hope you can detect my sarcasm. Jesus fucking Christ. Nike has sunk to a new low. Shoes not for skateboarding marketed towards a skateboarder for a price that is nearly 3/4 of an off-season paycheck. I cannot comprehend how or why this is happening. Does P-Rod have a say in this? Judging by his other corporate sponsors at Target and Mountain Dew, I am going to say, unfortunately yes.

The skateboard industry is tumultuous and confusing and I can only begin to understand how it works.

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2 responses to “And so it Begins..”

  1. Matt Minton says :

    The canvas Janoski’s I had were incredible. They lasted me longer than most suede/leather shoes. Canvas comes in the waxed form too. So its not “just” canvas. And it will obviously last a while longer with a little bit a super glue.

    The first Es Muska’s were sold for over $100 retail……in 1998 or whatever year. I’m jus sayin high priced skate shoes aren’t something new nor limited to “non skate” companies. Supra anyone?

    • Jehovah Lazarus says :

      Yea, my latest Supra Pistols were $99, which to me is pretty steep for a skate shoe (only really paaid up cos’ they were the deathwish collab shoe and I liked the design).

      I usually just go vans, they’re pretty easy to come by and cos’ they’re popular nowadays alot of stores have them in the $40-50 range.

      I remember paying through the nose for a pair of D3’s back in the day, only to discover they were harder to skate in than doc martin boots.

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