Hsu’s Chocolate ( A Chronicle)

Jerry Hsu left his long-time Sponsor, Enjoi, back in September. Prior to his long and illustrious career at Enjoi, Hsu was on the original Maple Skateboards team, along with Marc Johnson, Louie Barletta, Chad Bartie and Chad Knight.

He had a part in Maple’s 2000 video, Black Cat. Shortly, after this video dropped, Maple was disbanded. Marc Johnson enlisted Jerry, along with Rodney Mullen and Dave Mayhew (of the D3 Fame) to launch Enjoi Skateboards. Featuring many skateboarders from the Tiltmode Army, Enjoi was launched with great success. In 2000, Jerry joined the ranks at Osiris Footwear, and, in 2002, Jerry released his first signature shoe from Osiris Footwear, dubbed the Hsu.

In 2006, Enjoi dropped it’s highly anticipated video, Bag of Suck, featuring video parts from Jerry, Marc Johnson, Caswell Berry, Jason Adams, Clark Hassler, Jose Rojo and Louie Barletta. Jerry had the ender and the video won Transworld’s 2007 Video of the Year award, with Jerry taking the Readers Choice award as well.

Around the time of the video, Jerry released his second pro shoe from Osiris, named the Chino. It was also made into a low-top, dubbed the Chino Low.

After releasing the Chino, Jerry left Osiris in 2007 for the waters of Emerica, releasing a pro shoe with the company as well. The Mid-top, called the Hsu, is still one of the most popular shoes Emerica has released and continues to release new colorways every season. Jerry began filming for the widely acclaimed Emerica video, Stay Gold. Featuring parts from pro’s such as Brandon Westgate, Bryan Herman, Kevin Long, Aaron Suski, Braydon Szafranksi and the Boss, Andrew Reynolds, as well as AM’s such as Marquise Preston, Jamie Tancowny and Colin Provost. Jerry’s part was sandwiched between Figgy’s and Leo Romero. Stay Gold won best video at the 2011 Transworld Awards. Jerry recently released his second Emerica pro shoe, the HSU 2. For a review, check out RippedLaces.

On September 26, 2013; Thrasher posted this photo with the caption, Jerry Hsu off Enjoi.

Many speculated where Jerry would end up. With the launch of numerous new board companies, some assumed he would end up on Brian Anderson’s 3D Skateboards or AVE/Dill’s company, Fucking Awesome. However, Jerry would do no such thing. Instead, Jerry linked up with his long-time friend Marc Johnson and joined Chocolate Skateboards. The video, put out by Crailtap, shows current Chocolate riders Stevie Perez, Chris Roberts, Marc, Elijah Berle and Mike Carroll discussing who to add to the team, citing all things that Jerry has done/is doing. Jerry then appears at the table as a waiter, followed by a welcome screen.

I am beyond stoked that Jerry is now a member of the Girl/Chocolate family. Jerry is a great addition to the team. Hopefully Jerry will have a part in the rumored Chocolate video that is coming out sometime next year. We will have to wait and see.

I hope you enjoyed this brief chronicle of Jerry.


side note: if you ever want to learn the history of brands through ads or video parts, check out skately.com. Some pictures were taken from there and I wanted to give respect to a bonafide skateboarding encyclopedia.


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