The Ol’ Run-Around

Right now, I am compiling research for an eight page paper on how corporations are harmful to skateboarding. The research is going well, considering I am learning new things that I did not know before. When completed, I plan on posting the entire research paper, along with the sources used, on here for you all to read. I’ve found out odd things, such as Rodney Mullen’s website not being run by Rodney Mullen or no way affiliated with him. Something else puzzling came up while I was researching companies that have no background in skateboarding, other than the fact skateboarders use their products, who have tried to piece together some sort of a team. I found out that Bob Burnquist is sponsored by the mexican restaurant Chipotle. I emailed their customer service department. Below is the email, word for word, I sent to Chipotle.

I noticed on Bob Burnquist’s website that he was sponsored by your company. I was wondering, how did this come to be and what are your intentions regarding the skateboarding market?

See, simple. I noticed that a big company like Chipotle has sponsored a skateboarder, which probably means Bob gets free burritos. I just wanted to know if they planned on creating a “Team Chipotle” , like Toyota did (Bob is sponsored by them too, which is another story).

I wonder if unlimited burritos comes with unlimited Chipotleaway

No less than an hour later, I received and email back from Nathan Zackroff who works at P.R. for Chipotle. Again, here is the reply from Chipotle word-for-word.


Thanks for your interest in possibly partnering with us (you have a great last name for a skateboarder). I am going to send this along to our Sports Marketing guru for you so that if they are interested, they can reach out to you directly.

Thanks again for your interest and all the best!


Customer Service Consultant
Chipotle Mexican Grill

It appears Chipotle only skims emails for buzzwords and formulates responses based on them. In no way, shape, or form did I contact Chipotle about a partnership or a sponsorship. I wanted an answer about their intentions. I am also surprised that Chipotle has a “sports marketing guru” as well. The only silver lining and personality in this is that Nathan thinks I have “a great name for a skateboarder”. So thank you for that, and thank you for giving me the run-around, Chipotle.

Until Next Time…



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One response to “The Ol’ Run-Around”

  1. Jehovah Lazarus says :

    You could steal Bob’s identity and have free burritos for life.
    But seriously, I’m really looking forward to reading the entire paper.

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